Monday, September 18, 2006

Watch Part 006 now!

Length: Just over a minute.

Or: Start watching Atom Age Vampire from the very beginning.

Today's synopsis: Pierre returns from sea to find Jeanette gone, and Dr. Levin returns to the basement to find Sasha drinking.

Process: Today--two very short scenes, all mushed together! I love how the actor playing Pierre seems to have only one acting style, which is, "constipated."

I had meant to change the labels on the dials of the machines in the lab again, but I forgot, so don't worry about reading all the fine print unless you missed it the last time. I think one of the dials is measuring something in "Karloffs."

I'm not sure, but I think this is the last scene with the nurse at the hospital, which is too bad--she's actually really fun to animate, because she really doesn't even act; she just kinda says her lines and stands around. Kind of like Lindsay Lohan.

Part 006 took about two hours to animate, again at a Starbucks in the East Village--I get a lot of work done there, for some reason


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