Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Watch Part 012 now!

Length: About 90 seconds.

Or: Start watching Atom Age Vampire from the very beginning.

Today's synopsis: Dr. Levin and Jeanette's celebration gets all weird.

Process: Apparently, celebrations were total downers back then. Thank goodness someone invented karaoke, or parties would still suck this hard today. Think about it, won't you? Thank you. This message brought to you by the National Karaoke Council.

Today's animation--about 90 minutes, at the Starbucks on Second Avenue, in the early evening. I finished just in time to go to "Gabe & Jenny At Night" at Rififi, where Jenny Slate (I think I saw her on VH-1's celebrity baby show...?) and Gabe Liebskind presented John Mulaney (he killed), Leo Allen (he danced to Madonna's "Cherish"--the entire song, in a totally unplanned bit), and more. Plus? Free is a very good price.


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