Thursday, September 21, 2006


Watch Part 009 now!

Length: About two minutes.

Or: Start watching Atom Age Vampire from the very beginning.

Today's synopsis: So, did the Derma28 work on Jeanette, or what?

Process: Yesterday, I spent a big chunk of time just animating the dancing. Today, I spent a huge amount of time just on Jeanette's facial transformation, and I have to say it's much more convincing than the lame time-lapse-removal-of-make-up they use in the actual movie. Holy crap, it's horrible.

But the face transformation--I didn't want like, eyes passing under mouths and stuff, and but so it's actually pretty carefully choreographed--nearly as well as anything you'll see on "Dancing With The Stars."

Today's animation--about three hours, at the Starbucks on 2nd Avenue in the East Village, where I blew my nose every two minutes as I am a mucus factory today. Oi.


Blogger Ben Combee said...

Bug report: the "part three" link on the "part two" page actually points to "part one".

8:39 PM  
Blogger Scott Bateman said...

Whoops! Well, close enough, right? :-)

1:24 PM  

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