Saturday, September 16, 2006

Part Five!

Watch Part Five now!

Length: about 2 minutes.

Or: Start watching Atom Age Vampire from the very beginning.

Today's synopsis: Dr. Levin and Monique continue to try to convince Jeanette to let them treat her with the highly experimental Derma28 formula. Will Jeanette give in?

Process: The whole convincing-Jeanette-to-be-Dr.-Levin's-guinea-pig scene lasts over three interminable minutes in the actual film, and but so I split the scene over yesterday and today.

Jeanette sobs a LOT in this scene. Man.

I packed the background of the study with small pictures of Dr. Levin. What else would a megalomaniac with a God Complex have in his study, right? Maybe later, Ill include a life-size solid-gold statue of a nude Dr. Levin, just for fun.

The actual animation took about two hours (it was simple to set up, since it was just a continuation of the previous scene), and was done in a Starbucks in the East Village while it rained like a mofo outside.


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