Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Part 007

Watch Part 007 now!

Length: About a minute and a half.

Or: Start watching Atom Age Vampire from the very beginning.

Today's synopsis: Pierre drowns his sorrows, the poor sap.

Process: There is a lot of dancing in today's scene. A whole lot of dancing, and bosom-shaking. And it's certainly not gratuitous or anything--oh, no, today's scene advances the hell out of the plot, too. Well, OK, actually NOTHING happens in this scene; it's just an excuse to a) show women shake various body parts, and b) feature a wonderfully lounge-tastic soundtrack.

In the actual movie, you also see members of the band, and they're all wearing Jerry Seinfeld puffy shirts. Now, I'm not saying their lives were ruined by the puffy shirt, but did any of them appear in another movie...?

Today's animation--just under two hours, at a Starbucks in the East Village.


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